by e-fluent

White Devil 02:30
If I ever have a seed I’m a teach em to shoot at four Pops taught me at 5 Aim right through the core Moms want me to shine New age troubadour God brought me to rhyme I gotta do it, fuck u and your garbage music Call the troops in send the reinforcements with em Course I’m trippin Coricidin packages scattered across the morgue I’m sittin The floor has risen fluent bout to score some ritlin Pour cement into your vagina and then record the stiffenin’ My whores the sickest, literally their cooches filthy Blood dripping on my bed I shoulda knew they’d kill me But I’m thinkin with the head that milks me Send my silky sheets for another cycle wash em and oil rifles Obnoxiously spoiled spiteful And angry on this mic Y’all don’t play me what I like So now I’m spraying shit on sight Got with Won, told him son, we gotta kill us some rappers blade sharp enough to leave em leakin, spillin out plasma Feel like their chatter is more internet buzz than street credentials Every hood show me love and then we speed in rentals Keep the schedule tight as the booty upon my young broad Similar to zoomo, this my drunk walk Plug talk only in public with no phones on us Just a modest movado, no gold watches Ho’s topics of discussion at the luncheon Used to load tropic swishers up at all the functions Back before I kept my pistol in her sun dress Now I got a couple holsters you don’t want no trouble soldier Wasn’t long for your broad to become a doja Wasn’t wrong, she was on, bitch could tuck a cobra Plus you know the neck was bomb how she could suck a Boulder Trust is over rated and loyalty is a four leaf clover So when you find it, you keep it White devil, lifes levels won’t confine my uniqueness, peep it This the end of days, look up to the black sky Don’t pretend to pray, you know you wasn’t baptized White devil, god said you was a damn lie White devil, god said you was a damn lie You ain’t never made a bargain with the baphomet? Waking up into the garden fulla masochists White devil, you don’t even know the half of it White devil, they gon burn you out your cracker skin
Covid Shogun 02:38
Split the diamond swisher Fuck them rappers rhymin with ya They give New York a bad name I’m down to war an campaign Self made, self paid bout to tour out to Spain 12 gauge, hell flames, once we tore out your brains with it You won’t catch me more than twice rockin the same fitted Corner heights to morning flights, back to LA pimpin I slay women, somethin like the hillside Strangle bitches out with my cousin then prop em up with us an still ride This that addiction that you will hide Prescription for the pills grind em up until their real fine Then bust em out into rows the powder fucks with ya nose You blowin Tylenol you isn’t out your mind at all Shorty in the other room I hear her siren call Fucked her through the bed so hard it sounded like a violent fall No more filthy, fat sows, i got standards now He lookin guilty, can’t vouch for your mans at all It’s gon take at least a couple of thousand to move me Shorty pussy leakin, told me suck on her fountain of beauty Nah I’m good ma, I really ain’t got time this morning Plus ya man blew up ya phone, shit is kinda corny take a long slutwalk home, try to design a story Sucked ya soul out thru that hole but never find the glory These the rhymes they warned me wouldn’t admit me to stardom Couldn’t solicit a bargain from me, you missin the target Hungry and slipping my conscience My shit is the bombest Ugly and gritty but honest We really them monsters The ones your parents try to scare u with Eric’s a domesticated devil hailing terrorist This the rarest shit found beneath the rubble in a pair of prints Pictures of the deity, nowhere exist At least they thought that they didn’t til now I’m bout to move these knock off glocks for a few thou An that’s about as deep as I feel I should go with that Just know, its always clickin an shit is more then rap
How am I a lie if you believe in me We all were bred to die that’s how it seems to me If y’all accept their gods then you’ll accept me too Lucifer I was born upon a crescent moon Left the school of church thought once I saw what the church taught They wasn’t tolerant of different type of works nah I’m a scholar and I take my research seriously Furiously masturbate in front of all the catholic saints Castrate the priests hang em so they’ve no chance to rape I put the pistol to their spine and make em walk the plank Talk is fake line these rappers up an let me hawk their face Chalk it up to livin through these monstrous days Covid killers omen’s dropping on the road to riches Load the sticks n keep the motor runnin All you ho’s suspicious, gunnin for that spot they missin It’s not a lot that’s different The ones that are will become stars just pray the plot they stick with keeps tradition We the slickest, silver tongue spitters Drunk liquor, slurring our speech, still havin fun with it Gunn’s Hitler 2 on repeat, you know I fuck with it Still in the streets every week, till I become wicked How am I a lie if you believe in me? We all were bred to die that’s how it seems to me If y’all accepted Jesus don’t reject my thesis Greasing up my slide gotta protect my pieces Features not the vibe unless they make sense Meshes together well, both our voices have a great blend God and Satan, the duet of the millennium The rest ain’t gonna measure up I let em know their record sucks How am I a lie if you believe in me I wonder all the time what the supreme must think Lookin out upon his failed creation Lock down to keep us alive that’s how they jail the nation The scale and anchor to weigh us and keep us weighted Inhale the vapors, your saviors chained in the basement My hell has finally awakened y’all welcome to the final orgy Of blood and death, they don’t prepare you for that kind of story The ones that’s left will then supply you with a timeless fortune Minds are morbid and fascinated with finding corpses From climbing corporate ladder rungs To payin Russian hookers to hover over your mouth until their bladder bust I’m the source you wanna come to with the facts you trust Nowadays it’s not enough you have to back them up But we don’t keep receipts cuz the law will It’s all up here, like Capone n his lost mills How am I a lie if you believe in me We all were bred to die that’s what it seems to me They said I’m sac religious but I can’t admit it I never gave a shit, matter of fact forget it
Fuck Mercury 02:31
Slow up Girl U know I’m bout to roll up so hol up Don’t blow up this is just another young crush So please do not go nuts I told the broad to chill now you gotta feel What I’m tryna say girl u know the deal Shit’ll go away it ain’t even real These the things I be talkin bout walkin out Tired of the fights every single night entertaining other offers now Levitating from my conscious wow Fluent really on some other type Tryna book myself a summer flight California for a couple nights Marijuana that we bundled tight Drive it safe and don’t run no lights This that get back, that grown in the sticks rap That moved in to the hood as a teen and He really lived that That piff rap, that present, you love it, that gift rap we does this They love me cuz I’m authentic Hate me for the same reason I don’t at all sweat it I know they love me cuz I’m authentic Any beef is beneath me that shit is all deaded Dead beef Homicidal in my head chief These visions is akin to red meat I’m drooling at the thought cool the barrel off Colt craftsman, wipin down the chrome bolt action Close caption You can read it on the gold napkin Fore they send you up the road packin’ This that hold back an picture what your main foes lackin They ain’t never even sold packs in their life never seen no action Talkin too much bro don’t they know their phones tapped in Nothin original stays Selling out for the digital age
GOP 01:40
These pigs tryna pull an Eric garner, son, I can’t breathe Bill gates hiding chips up in the vaccines Make sure you put your mask on when you take a trip They don’t wanna see our slave faces cuz it makes em sick Nas call it the PLandemic, I like that The plan to strip all of our rights and we don’t fight back We do such a great job of listening To au-thori-tarian brainwash conditioning Laid off, they distancing socially But I ain’t frightened , hit the booth, hear me glistening vocally What I’m writing isn’t spiritually woke to me I ain’t that liar Dog your raps is a joke to me you a trash fire You ain’t never sold a pound in a drought Or smoked so much you found over an ounce of loud crumbs in the couch These loud guns in the house, I got some registered too I can tell u never carry by the weapon you choose Grabbing a brollic fifth because it’s chrome and got a polished grip Pass the microphone or get demolished bitch They talkin shit but wanna remain anonymous It’s fuck u forever no acknowledgement This that parlor city bustin at the oops an shit Sellin quarter pounds at 2am in price chopper kiddd This is that bonkers shit That Binghamton all we bump is dblock on that Yonkers shit pistols hit your mama whip make sure your cross is gripped Crystals off the ganja drip as soons the chron get lit I’m like a god at this You just a false prophet tryna jock Muhammad’s dick Pussies scared of religious retaliation They all pedophiles with some serious allegations Fuck ya churches fuck ya temple every house of worship Fuck ya curses fuck u devils burn em down an torch it E, you gonna lose a lot of us, u can’t afford it Fuck y’all too, the truth it has to be recorded And who better to deliver Than a Satan white, Jesus aged messenger of scripture E-Fluent you can call me Jon Connor tho Terminator 2’s reality even my momma kno That’s a fact even my momma woke Better prepare for what tomorrow holds
Hit em from a slight distance once the car crawl up Pole longer than a narwhal tusk, call y’all bluff Never was a hold em pro All y’all suck Black jack on my last hand All y’all bust These ain’t casino games Barrel on the musket let u see the flame Carole’s can’t be trusted tiger lady’s gon feed their strays Too much television stuck in the crib Drop some acid, climb some mountains have some fun while you live Cuz nothings permanent Blunt burnin, I hope the curses lift Sage at the foot of the stage, we rehearse for this I drove some hearses in the sunshine state Wrote my verse in chicken cursive so these punks can’t claim it’s theirs Act oblivious, without no shame to bare My name is fair game if you aiming to take it there I ain’t playin scared, frightened of the Rona Never thought I’d miss the days of fighting with promoters Stuck inside, y’all do your fighting on controllers Life is on the line but y’all lives is outta focus My shorty roll a 2g with the roaches Eating Fuji apples, diggin samples that’s ferocious You an example of that ho shit That type of shit that bitches do before they get their dome split I been rappin since you cats was in ya momma tummy I prolly fucked when she was pregnant so you gotta love me E-Fluent you and won87 bad Heard u out Robbin rappers in a devil mask Heard u slapping producers in front their better half I heard enough of excuses Now let the metal blast Let the metal blast Let the metal blast All that talkin is useless we heard enough of that Ain’t no time for excuses we let the metal blast White devil I ain’t beefin with your god above me But I ain’t speakin with him either, heard he don’t love ugly An my hideous disfigurements have hindered me Through history the Catholics didn’t show me any sympathy Baptist’s and the bastards of that Christianic ministry Fuck em all, burn their churches down in symphony These scripts release a toxin that many would claim abolish will I’m just honing in my scope another polished kill Broken Kings awoke em to my iconic skill Next chapter comes after your amniotic spill I need to get em from the womb young, Tomb sprung Ancient Egypt curses while the pagans feed the earth with blood My people murder, rape and pillage, that’s what works for us We the evilest empire the globalist tent fire That’s lightin up the universe is light to us uniform the masses and keep em in tight patterns Smart city advocate? freedom and rights shatter Cards with the cannabis reaching the heights faster Y’all just pawns, sadomasochist, teach you to like rappers nahhh
Friars Club 02:16
Took my stash out the bank The pump is mattress length Rook advance till it’s mate The bishop cas-t-rates Chess references excellent grill the freshest steak Preference is to porterhouse, the mornin clouds’ll set the stage I need the beach in my life again Shorty with the zebra striped thong tryna tease like my wife again Big booty, blonde bimbo, in my bubble bath I’m a have to give it to this nympho till her lungs collapse She can’t scream any louder Once I’m finished, do the dishes and don’t speak any longer I am the worst 500 degrees in the shower And now you burnt How you spossed to think you a flower When you the dirt How you gonna eat with those cowards Then come for work I ain’t serving nothin leave before I murder somethin Y’all wanna copy how Eric is But you sloppy and arrogant Of course you just some cocky Americans I’m forever time does not confine me to a spot or tribe How u gon outshine me when you not the guy? No one can outrhyme me, so just stop the lies Aqua 9 customized, fuscia 40’s pollute the shorties These Old heads and they’re stupid stories Shoulda died back then, instead they lived through their glory And now they outta our sympathies kill em all, swear to god, if it could bring back Victory I miss my homies man this worlds ugly Besides my momma, don’t not one of my girls love me They just use me for the drugs and the sex And the comfort and the lovers and the blunts and my bed It’s fine....cuz my life is like a rush to the head Sipping the dryest wine Y’all come on to rap I guess it’s liar time Y’all come on an act like you the flyest bums I get on attack you like the friars club ya run is over I’m the same monster if I’m drunk or sober You’s a lame talker and we gon expose ya
I seen a pair of dolphins dance across the water on a Spanish terrace God is merciful with vengeance, he gon have to spare us In this circle full of spirits and horse heads Appear in one glance then you hearin the floor bend Your beats is all trash and your lyrics is forcefed Wash it all down shot of crown n some cornbread My morgue sense tellin me bodies gon have to pile Spring just startin, the Shottie is back in style Springfield cartridges, poppin shit with a smile Load the 5.56 an then drop the sniff in the vile lockin in on your dial Since im linkin with Won Celebratory bottles have a drink with me son Tellin our stories autobiographers on the run We Commoners with some guns and opportunistic funds still plottin to chop you up I know some holes in the desert Eat a bullet fore u ho’s get a mention I put the G in gutter Mutherfucker you don’t know who you messin with Rappin like broads, y’all got too much estrogen HOOK I’m back with it never did know how to act with it We the key, the legend, the place the maps printed We beneath the trenches, in the stash with it See us holding down what u didn’t know about back with it Never did know how to act with it We elite, the measure of what your mans isn’t We compete at a level that’s higher Put the heater to your temple an fire, let it bang baby Polo addict, I know it’s only a fabric See photos of me in traffic with the ralph ski mask Custom Pistol on my laps the 40 cal, ease back Building ARs in my laboratory Pussies tellin rapper stories I ain’t need to make myself feel tough Because I came up in that era where the shit was all real son drill spun faggots around an put em under earth You ain’t Baggin them clouds, your shit is fuckin dirt We been hustling since before the twin towers fell Welcome to the 6-0-unlucky this town is hell Mountain dwellers from the basements and the cellars We eliminating statement writers snitches get their faces lined up The 9 bust a couple mags at you cowards I BEEN HERE FOREVER still they haven’t gave me my flowers....shit E-Fluent you a legend in your own right Pussy hole deep I’m a stretch it how these ho’s like
DNC 01:32
Resistance 02:24
Soul worn thin She was jammin out back to the Cold War kids Little indie rock chick an me I’m toxic But mix us together an I swear we got this pop shit loud like she from one of the boroughs But she down south crowned as her daddy’s lil girl In the caddy with the pearl finish She exactly what the world isn’t (Gorgeous) But her lifestyle morbid The gods don’t lie when they watch your timepiece Set ahead for the dead that’s a time leap Jump, hop, skip, fore we dump shots quick Now her path is so clear Filth crawl back but the bath is so near Guilt stalls wrath and attracts that old fear We call that love alcohol feeds drugs Drugs feed rage you don’t want these chains We won’t make it to tomorrow if we can’t be brave Y’all know My man Heyyyy, he let the drugs get him Matter fact, I’m amazed that he’s still livin Hope he recover himself soon It’s demons out here, and my brother need help too these Motherfuckers is numb to The damage of the needle like some kinda Neil young tune I run two records at once, plus my side project I’m addicted to music, yo i ain’t tryna stop it So I can kinda relate Junkie characteristics but my timing is great I come alive in the paint Drive on em with the rock until it’s diamonds I make Or I might hit 3 Put the hammer to u, but I do it righteously I ain’t standing with you, less you in the fight with me Never had a issue with you but the price ain’t free Shouts to Price and D Scandy In life you need family, My sights fiber optic, the red light beam nasty Your head might see flashing And bright-ass muzzle traces Turn around an peel you right back from the pavement might snack on ya favorite broad for the fun of it White devil with a black goddess and a brown beauty and a yellow-bone shorty, tryna suck the dick They just think I’m fuckin rich But it’s opposite of that Me n Shay got our place now we bout to get some land Turn a house to a home and the drought to the only thing that either of us know We got weed and I can flow She got a Green thumb an she can grow sustain on our own and then reap what we sew That’s the way for now Before the AI swoops in to take us out I always been down And I’m a lead the resistance from this day out


E-Fluent & Won87 Present: WHITE DEVIL

Last year Won87 had me fly out to Cali to do a few shows. Before I came back home, he blessed me with a batch and we agreed to do a collab album.

I had other projects lined up first, so I was writing to it slowly. Then Covid happened. And the world as we knew it ended.

A month or so later, on Twitter, I was telling a story, talkin my shit, somethin along those lines. And he hit me like “ #WHITEDEVIL, that’s the name of the project. Gimmie a min, I got an idea”
Then like 10 minutes later he sent this album cover to me.

I’ve never had an album cover done before the project is fully written. I thought that shit was dope. It helped inspire me to finish the joint strong.

I talk about all types of wild shit on here. But don’t get it twisted, it’s not some political statement or nothin like that. Cats know I’m a stand-up man and that’s all I’ll ever be. Y’all can keep all that extra shit!!


released November 9, 2020




e-fluent Binghamton, New York

E-Fluent ... musician from Upstate NY.
Discography speaks for itself. Producers/artists send beats/inquiries to: efluent607@gmail.com

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